stay bold or get old

by Xavier's School

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Erik Takuichi Wallace at Champion St. Sound, with some portions recorded in Seattle and at Erik's parents house.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters Musical Ensemble:
Aaron Apple - drums
Aaron Kayser - bass and guitar
Lauren Bunke - keyboard
Alexandra Niedzialkowski - vocals
Tyson Ballew - guitar, bass, and vocals

Thanks to the supportive creative talents in Bellingham and abroad.

Album Art by Andres Gomez :

Tummy Rock Records # 051 :

Band Photography by Ryan Russell :


released February 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Xavier's School Bellingham, Washington

Xavier's School is a 4 piece pop-punk / throwback emo / garage band from Bellingham, WA.

Upcoming shows:

Thursday, March 3:
Bellingham, WA - Make.Shift Art Space

Friday, March 4: Seattle, WA - Hollow Earth Radio

Saturday, March 5: Missoula, MT - The ZACC
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Track Name: Anger MGMT
Go ahead villainize me. Absolve yourself of guilt.
Go ahead criticize me. Dismiss all that we built

Please oh please invalidate my feelings
Call me immature
Please oh please invalidate my feelings
and call me a failure

Go ahead hate this song. The short version of what went wrong.
Make your face so menacing. Show me the anger you're managing.

I will not let you down again, cause we won't stay friends.
Track Name: Eulogy Song
This song is for my friends, the ones that don't fit in.
Born onto this planet, but they don't feel welcome.
Cause they don't conform, to the roles of any gender.
This song is for those who won't surrender.

Let this song by, a eulogy, for the way that it was, the way it used to be.

This song is for my kids, and the world their going to live in.
One they make better, brick by brick.
This song is for the future, of a world less grim.
This song is for those, who compose their anthems.

Let this song by, a eulogy, for the way that it was, the way it used to be.

Whatever song you need. I will sing.
Track Name: Dear Dad
Dear Dad, This is the only time I'll write you. I want you to know, I'm not sad that I don't know you. I had a great father, he's the one who'll know my daughters, you're never getting birthday cards, you'll never get sleepovers. I don't feel bad for you, cause you're the one who missed out.

Dear Dad, I hear you're a politician, that all of my friends, vote against come elections. Cause your self righteous, pious legislation, is an embarrassment, a punch line in the Onion. I don't feel bad for you, cause you're the one who missed out.

I love my mom, she did the best she could do for me. She raised me in that small town, used a credit card to buy groceries. Don't feel bad for me, I'm not the one who missed out.
Track Name: Bystander Method
I see you out at the grocery store, with your earbuds so tightly in.
Designed so you could ignore, unwanted advances from those shady men.

On my darkest days I don't have your bad luck.
Nobody stops me and says are you down to fuck.
Some men when they hit the concrete
They act like they own the street.

And we're going to have to set an example
So that all boys don't grow up to be awful
I can not be a bystander to the shit that you endure.

All I want is for better days
Stories my friends will have to say
About when they would walk around and feel welcome in this town.
Track Name: Mutant Creature
In 10th grade I failed history I think Mrs Willow had it out for me.
She said "I can't grade papers I can not read. You'd better fix that handwriting."
So I ditched cursive I went back to print. But it never looked to eloquent.
Yeah 10th grade was a bad year, when I look back on it.

I wanted to, paint a pretty picture. I never could do what I wanted to.
There's so many ways, to push someone over, for just being themselves.
There's been so many days, since i grew older, I wanted to be something else.

I was never in a musical, my voice was too unusual.
Typecast when I was in theater, always the mutant creature.

and somethings don't get better, I get old and I just fester
just like when I was younger, belittled and beleaguered
Track Name: Bulletproof
Well you have my PJ Harvey CD
Well you give me reasons to believe you got your hands on my Replacements Let it Be
Well that's just what we do I've got your video games and your Nick Drake's Pink Moon
and I know that we won't speak tomorrow, let alone give our stuff back.

Well you, you're bulletproof. Cause you know you can't get hurt if you never tell the truth
I know you'll never let us in. You're too satisfied living like a Dionysian.

We havn't spoken in three long years. You think I should lighten up and have a couple of beers
you think i need to lighten up on the lifestyles that I choose. Well make no mistake I'll do whatever it takes to never be like you.

Well I don't hearald advice, from punks who get drunk, and take advantage of everyone
Who loved them who cared for them who put their hearts out on the line to get em broken.
Track Name: Underage Surcharge
You think I'm absurd, you fear all my words, reduce me to a nerd.
But your acts of aggression towards social progression, they're fears from old men. Cause you gotta think, do you go extinct, do you become like them? They are dinosaurs and they are for sure gonna die.

Stay strong, stay young, stay bold, or get old.

You can't do anything on the outside
It's hard to play if they never let you inside
They'll tell you you'll have plenty of fun when you turn 21
So pick up a Pabst, learn to relax, become just like everyone.

Stay strong, stay young, stay bold, or get old.
Track Name: Still Remember
Oh problematic friend, i'll love you till the end.
But lately it's been hard too hard to pretend.
That I even like you or that I want you near.
You don't comprehend what you don't commandeer.

And I once held hope, you could pull through.Cause...
I can still remember back when you were younger, back when you were wiser.

Ghosting you was tough, it was probably mean
But I've seen you do your dishes, they never get too clean
You talk so much like there are lessons to be gleaned.
But you're so out of touch with reality

And I once held hope, you could pull through.Cause...
I can still remember back when you were younger, back when you were wiser.